• Tranquility of Surroundings
    Tranquility of Surroundings
  • Peace, Prayer and Contemplation
    Peace, Prayer and Contemplation
  • Peace Within and All Around
    Peace Within and All Around
  • Guidance in Tradition
    Guidance in Tradition

Good News: Lenten Directed Retreat Special:
Eastern Point is offering the April 2-9, 2014 7-Day Directed Retreat at a discounted rate of $325 for the retreat. We hope this will allow YOU to come away during this special season of Lent to renew and refresh your relationship with God.


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.46.58 AM“There are very few people who realize what God would make of them if they abandoned themselves to God’s hands, and let themselves be formed by God’s grace.”  - St. Ignatius of Loyola
The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola have helped countless people over the years to come away and abandon themselves to a closer relationship with God. At Eastern Point Retreat (EPRH) House we continue our mission of inviting women and men from diverse backgrounds and traditions to experience this spiritual legacy. We have been blessed by the response of so many who choose our house to come away to “be formed by God’s grace.”  EPRH is well known for its incomparable setting, the quality of its retreat programs and spiritual directors and the reverence of its creative silence. We hope to welcome YOU in the near future to this sacred place.

In Christ,
Joanne A. Fantini, CSJA

The Sacred Heart Chapel

The beautiful and newly completed Sacred Heart Chapel now provides prayer space near the waters of Niles Pond and Brace Cove in the midst of mature trees. This simple setting, among the reflective demeanor of Eastern Point Retreat House and extending into the woods beyond the Retreat House and near to two bodies of water, is a wonderful place for prayer and contemplation.


Click HEREto see the photo gallery of the work that is now completed!

We Appreciate Your Support

Your support makes it possible to provide you with this beautiful facility, the highest quality staff, delicious food, and other necessary expenses that allow us to offer a first-class operation.

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Important Retreat News

Eastern Point Retreat House is well known for its incomparable setting, the quality of its retreat programs, the value of its creative silence, the loyalty of its retreatants, and its fidelity...

Photos of EPRH

Photos of EPRH
Can't make it to EPRH this season? Well, you can enjoy some beautiful seasonal photos inside and outside the retreat house. Click HERE...

The Latest Homily

A Ministry of Healing
Friday Oct. 12, 2012
Gal 3:7-14   Luke 11:15-26
If I were to compose a piece of music or create a painting to illustrate today’s readings, I’d...

Why a Retreat?

St. Ignatius was clear on the nature of the Spiritual Exercises and their benefits: “By the term “Spiritual Exercises” we mean every method of examination of conscience, meditation, contemplation,...


On a one to ten scale, eleven. Couldn’t get any better.
The natural setting and ample opportunities to enjoy it were ideal.  I appreciated the freedom to explore myself...
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