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    Peace Within and All Around
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    Tranquility of Surroundings

Welcome to the Eastern Point Retreat House

A Message from the Director


Dear Friends of Eastern Point Retreat Center,

As you know, Eastern Point Retreat House is undergoing a major renovation of the new resident retreat wing. Many of you have followed the renovation updates via our website in anticipation of our re-opening planned for July 2016. Recently, our construction project management informed us due to unexpected circumstances the timeline for a re-opening in July is no longer feasible.

Needless, to say we understand this is disappointing news particularly for those of you who are scheduled to make your retreats during the summer months. At this time, we anticipate re-opening in early September 2016.

The EPRH staff has been working diligently to secure alternate retreat accommodations for those who would like to continue to make retreats for the dates scheduled at EPRH this summer. We know how challenging it will be at this late date to secure another retreat location. We are happy to inform you that Campion Renewal Center, 319 Concord Road, Weston, MA has generously offered to host the following retreats:

  • Spiritual Director’s Weekend July 7-10
  • Jesuit Retreat August 1-9
  • 8-Day August 11-19
  • 8-Day August 22-30

While the location has changed the scheduled staff directors of EPRH will direct each of these retreats.

We ask you for your continued prayers as the renovation project continues and please be assured of ours.

In Christ,

Joanne A. Fantini, CSJA


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