• Peace Within and All Around
    Peace Within and All Around
  • Tranquility of Surroundings
    Tranquility of Surroundings


We appreciate the testimonials we receive from retreatants about their experience at Eastern Point.

Fr. Jim Martin, S.J., a bestselling author who has both attended and given retreats there, calls it “my favorite place in the world.”

Canadian liturgical musician Krystyna Higgins wrote that she drew closer than ever to God at the 35-acre site. She credited “the natural beauty of the place, the transparent goodwill of the other retreatants, the empathy of my [spiritual] director, and the measured daily rhythms of walking and prayer, meals and liturgy.” A journalist, Cindy Anderson, marveled at “the community that can form in the absence of words.”

They are speaking of a place that attracts spiritual pilgrims from around the world. With ample room for more than 40 guests in an old stone mansion, Eastern Point offers programs throughout the year. The retreats are grounded in the nearly 500-year-old tradition of Ignatian spirituality, which seeks to “find God in all things.” And they are conducted largely in silence.

 Here, in brief, are a number of additional statements of appreciation we have received and for which we are most grateful.


“On a one to ten scale, eleven.”

“Couldn’t get any better.”

“The natural setting and ample opportunities to enjoy it were ideal.  I appreciated the freedom to explore myself and surroundings at my own pace.”

“Peaceful yet also joyful!”

““5 star” beautiful.”

“I have come to love the silence.  The beautiful surroundings are peaceful and comforting.  Like coming home.   It’s a safe place.”

“Quiet and peaceful.  Restorative.”

“Joyful!  Restful and renewing, peaceful and prayerful.”

“The silence and the solitude…the grandeur of God’s creation…the hospitality of this house.  These are pure gifts.

“Beautiful space.  Magnificent views and grounds.  Warm and inviting House.”

“I expected a beautiful experience and my retreat was beyond my expectations. I was refreshed in mind, body, heart, spirit and soul.

“I have been to similar retreats, but this has been outstanding in terms of setting, hospitality, the beauty of buildings and grounds.

“God’s grandeur doesn’t get any better.”

“This must be one of the most beautiful places on earth, most conducive to spiritual retreat.”

“I came here for the Tridium-Easter Retreat so I could truly finish my Lenten experience with something amazing and I was not disappointed.”

“The only comment I have is that I don’t think there could be any way to improve the retreat atmosphere.”

“God’s spectacular canvas!”

“Peaceful, quiet, prayerful. A gift, really.”

“God’s piece of heaven here on earth.”

“There is no place quite like it. I think the views are wonderful and the general sense of community that is developed in the silence is great.”

“As always, the atmosphere is great! The silence, the beauty of the natural surroundings, the grounds and facilities are kept up extremely well. Thank you for sustaining such a great facility and environment!”

“Great! This place grows on me. It gets better every time I come.”

“A welcome oasis in my noisy world. There is so much care and attention paid to the atmosphere of contemplation. There are no words to describe the effect it has on me.”

“The silence is sacred and the hospitality deeply holy.  God’s closeness is tangible and brought into focus in this place.

“Comforting, evocative silence is the most important feature for fostering prayer, followed by the spectacular natural surroundings which make it impossible to take God’s creation for granted.”

“The homilies all touched my heart because they were about what was going on inside me.”

“Thank you for making this a home, not just a building.”

“Prayerful, peaceful, and silent.”

“I praise and thank the Lord for this beautiful atmosphere of prayer, meditation, and reflection.”

“The outdoors is wonderful!”

These, and so many other testimonials, are precious to us. They are constant reminders of the high purposes of the work we are called to do and its positive impact when done thoughtfully and with care.


"For me, it's like coming home."