• About Us This special place attracts spiritual pilgrims from around the world. With ample room for more than 40 guests in a stone mansion and its annex, we offer programs throughout the year. The retreats are grounded in the nearly 500-year-old tradition of Ignatian spirituality, which seeks to “find God in all things.” And they are conducted largely in silence.
  • About Us Some of the great mystics and theologians have delved into the spiritual significance of such beauty. St. Augustine said that there are not one, but two books of God — the Bible, and the book of nature. The truth of this observation is palpable for all those to make a retreat at Eastern Point.
  • About Us A spiritual retreat for quiet prayer and contemplation amidst the extraordinary beauty of nature. The rugged coastline, the ocean waves breaking over the rocks, the tides that continually alter the landscape — these and other scenes are soul-stirring representations of God’s other book. They open the way for God’s spirit to change lives.

Our Mission

Eastern Point Retreat House, a place of rare spiritual beauty, is devoted to practicing the Spiritual Exercises as St. Ignatius designed them.  Eastern Point has offered, and will continue to offer the purist and most complete versions of the 8- and 30-day directed retreats in the United States.  We are dedicated to carrying out for all time the legacy apostolate of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

At our House, retreats follow the original formulae set forth in the 18th and 20th annotations of the Spiritual Exercises.  We only offer retreats in silence, which is essential to achieving the stillness where a person meets God.  Here, in a safe place, well-trained and supervised Spiritual Directors are all about listening with the retreatant for Gods spirit.  As conceived by Ignatius, it is God who directs the retreat with the help of the Spiritual Director.

The retreats we offer are of signal benefit to the retreatant.  From personal experience, testimony, and systematic long-term evaluations, we know that the individual leaves Eastern Point more compassionate toward others.  Indeed, the Exercises are integral to the formation of a person for others.  Retreatants learn how to make better choices for themselves and for relating to the lives of others.

Richard J. Stanley, S.J.

Committed to excellence in all we do, Eastern Point provides the highest quality supervision for Spiritual Directors and Retreat Directors and works actively on outreach, including the recruitment of younger Directors who may well contribute ideas to enhance the practice of the Exercises and the retreat experience.  Taken together, the real world setting of this retreat house, the everlasting spiritual legacy of the Exercises, and peer supervision of Directors make for a compelling and vibrant retreat experience that realizes our purposes and our mission.


"For me, it's like coming home."