• Peace Within and All Around
    Peace Within and All Around
  • Tranquility of Surroundings
    Tranquility of Surroundings

Dynamics of a Retreat Setting

The Spiritual Exercises guide the retreat experience. Within their generous and encompassing fold, trust between two people in this setting depends on listening. Every day, for a period of 30-45 minutes, the retreatant and the spiritual director engage as God leads conversation to a deeper spiritual level. Our process is to put into words and clarify what an individual is wondering about. Together, we are listening for Godís spirit. We expect the unpredictable and unexpected to take us in productive directions.

Our spiritual directors approach the conversation with a retreatant from a point of view that pursues fundamental questions: What are we here for? How do we make decisions? The driving force is how we understand that God wants to have a relationship with us. That God needs you to be in relationship with God is fundamental. We do not impose or correct an experience of God. The goal is to explore it.

Outside that daily conversation, in an environment of genuine silence, stately architecture, three reservation chapels and prayer spaces, and immediately accessible outdoors replete with nature walks and a scenic ocean, the fruits of conversation and contemplation continue. We provide the physical and spiritual comfort in which to do the work of the Exercises.

In short order, a retreatant comes to trust his and her unique goodness.

From our Retreatants


   "You treat us and feed us like we are family.  Thank you for all you do for us while we are here."  

New Retreatant Pre-application

If this is your first time using our revamped online system, you MUST fill out the PRE-APPLICATION FORM, even if you have filled it out on our old site. After you fill it out once, our new system will automatically remember the information you entered, so that you only need to update it the information changes for subsequent retreats.