• Peace Within and All Around
    Peace Within and All Around
  • Tranquility of Surroundings
    Tranquility of Surroundings

Am I Ready For A Retreat?

We are often asked by applicants whether they are prepared to do a silent retreat. Our answer is very plain and very simple: it is the desire to be closer to God that prepares an individual for a retreat. Not much more is necessary. We often recommend to first time applicants to consider making a weekend retreat to get a sense of how they feel about keeping silence. After several weekend experiences applicants have a better sense of the importance and sacredness of silence.

Applicants may also wonder if they can leave their lives for a time and enter into a quiet and safe place where they can listen to what is going on inside and be in touch with what God is doing in their lives. We know from years of experience that motivated individuals can immediately and fully participate in a retreat. Trusting oneself is the start of the retreat experience.

We invite you to read and consider the several sections of this website as you ask yourself whether you are ready for a retreat. They are meant to convey what we do, why we do it, and how you will benefit from a retreat at Eastern Point. Knowing more will help prepare you for the experience of our retreats.

What the Retreatant Brings

The retreatant brings to Eastern Point a desire to come closer to God.... MORE

New Retreatant Pre-application

If this is your first time using our revamped online system, you MUST fill out the PRE-APPLICATION FORM, even if you have filled it out on our old site. After you fill it out once, our new system will automatically remember the information you entered, so that you only need to update it the information changes for subsequent retreats.