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    Tranquility of Surroundings

Category: Walking Tours

Halibut Point State Park

10 Miles

Halibut Point State Park in Rockport is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the North Shore. If you are a birder, it is also one of the best places to watch seabirds from land in Massachusetts. Gannets, kittiwakes, terns, alcids, jaegers, shearwaters, phalaropes, storm-petrels, and others can be seen in sustained easterly winds; fall migrant loons, grebes, and diving ducks stream past regardless of weather. Many of these birds winter, along with purple sandpipers. This site is also the best in Massachusetts for wintering harlequin ducks. Vegetation pulls in wide variety of migrant songbirds; Halibut Point is a coastal “migrant trap.” Above the reservation is the former Babson Farm Quarry, now filled by natural underground springs. Granite quarried here at the turn of the 20th century paved thousands of city streets and built bridges, tunnels, monuments, warehouses, and buildings, such as Boston’s Custom House Tower. The property has 2.5 miles of moderate trails. The reservation is a link in Rockport’s Atlantic Path. The state park operates a small visitor center and museum devoted to Halibut Point’s natural history and Cape Ann’s historic granite quarrying industry, of which Halibut Point’s Babson Farm Quarry was a major part. The visitor center has public restrooms.

Your Route:
Drive down Eastern Point Road to East Main Street all the way to the end.
Turn left onto what East Main. Then take your first right onto Hartz Street.
Turn right onto Eastern Ave (Route 127 and follow for 3 miles to the five corners in Rockport.
Turn left onto Railroad Ave (Route 127)
Follow this for another 3 miles until you reach the park (Gott ave)

Niles Beach

Approximately 1 mile

This lovely and low-key beach offers calmer waters of the inner harbor and a less-crowded beach experience.

Your Route:
Walk Down Niles Pond Road to Eastern Point boulevard.
Walk to the beginning of this road and you will have reached the beach.

Beauport Museum

0.5 mile

The Beauport Museum, which is located an easy 10 minute walk from EPRH, is a beautiful, 40-room Sleeper McCann House built by Henry Sleeper. It is no wonder that this property graces the cover of the book Great Houses of New England. It is one of those properties you can visit again and again and always find something new. Every room in this home is set to a different era or decorating theme.

Your Route:
Start out going northwest on Niles Pond Rd toward Megan Way.
Turn left onto Eastern Point Blvd.
Walk for about .1 mile to the Musuem on your right.